Online Televizor

Android application for playing internet TV and radio on devices with Android (phones, tablets and TVs)

Supported (czech) IPTVs

Goolge Play

  • Online Televizor is not official application of SledovaniTV, Kuki or O2TV
  • User account of at least one IPTV required
  • supporting external keyboards and remote controls connected as keyboard (usb, bluetooth)
  • auto start selected channel after application start
  • user can change font size
  • possibility to play TV streams in external player installed on Android
  • only live broadcasting
  • possibility to record stream to file (to internal storage only, feature is not available in free version)
  • Chromecast support
  • for Android 5.1 and higher
  • armeabi-v7a, x86, x86_x64, arm64-v8a
  • Android TV support
  • switching audio track
  • user defined favourite channels
  • free version has limited list of viewed channels

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Supported keys
Down/Up, R1/L1, W/S, F2/F3, NumPad2/NumPad8, Play previous/next, Home/End selecting next/previous channel, navigation
PageUp/PageDown selecting next/previous channel (step 10)
Left/Right, a/d, b/f, NumPad4/NumPad6, Left bracket/Right bracket navigation
Left when playing play previous played channel
OK, Enter, Space, Media Play, Button R2/A, NumPad5, start, F6, Caps lock, Comma, Semicolon, Grave play selected channel
0..9 play channel by it's number
F4,F7, Escape, Back, Media Pause/Stop/Close, NumPad-, Delete, Button X, Left Alt, Period, Apostrophe stop (internal player)
F5, Numpad 0 refreshing channels
Guide, Info, Button L2, I, G, F1,F8, Menu, Tab, NumPad+, Equals, Slash/Backslash, Insert - detail (EPG) of selected channel when playing
- show menu for selected channel when not playing

Touch gestures (when playing)
Single tap View detail (EPG) of current program when playing
Next single tap View detail (EPG) of next program when playing
Long tap Switch audio track
Double tap Switch between full screen and preview video
Swipe right Video in full screen - video to preview
Video in preview - Stop
Swipe left Stop
Swipe up Previous channel
Swipe down Next channel